The Language Learning App for Couples

Words That Stay — Bonds That Grow

  • "I have been using Coupling for 9 hours and 500 words so far, and this app has been phenomenal. As a tremendous fan of Anki...this is the one app that has it beat if you are in a relationship that can take advantage of it"

    xefjord — Creator of Xefjord's Complete Language Series, learning Taiwanese Mandarin

  • "The app that has skyrocketed my learning of the Bosnian language. It taps right into the motivation that comes from having a Bosnian spouse and child"

    Gaspard — Netherlands, learning Bosnian

  • "I love this app. Coupling has been amazing for learning my partner's language as they actually speak it... Highly recommend if you've been frustrated by cookie-cutter formal language apps!"

    Kat — DC, learning Taiwanese Mandarin

How It Works

Learn any language from your partner, 100% tailored to you

  • 1. Choose Topics You Want to Learn

    Select words you want to learn based on your life and interests

  • 2. Your Partner Adds Their Touch

    Your partner can personalize your lessons with audio, sentences, and more

  • 3. Master the Words

    Watch your language skills and relationship grow in just a few minutes per day!

Learn Together, Grow Together

Learn a language through your partner in a shared adventure

  • Ditch the solo grind, fuel your motivation with your partner's support
  • Avoid outdated textbook phrases. Talk like a local from their region
  • Deepen your bond by immersing in their language and culture

The Gift of Language

Add life to your language journey with your partner's touch

  • Receive personalized content lovingly handcrafted by your partner
  • Hear your partner's voice every step of the way with seamless audio recordings
  • Immerse with crafted sentences tailored to your life and relationship
  • Introduce content effortlessly with an intuitive interface with AI assistance

A Proven Language Learning System

Never forget a word with our enhanced spaced repetition system

  • Review words just before you forget them for guaranteed retention
  • Spend less time on mastered words, freeing up time for new ones
  • Access audio, images, notes, or breakdowns for any word

Blaze Your Own Path

Embark on an organic journey where you chart the course

  • Learn what matters most to you, your relationship, your interests, and your daily life
  • Explore over 500 curated packs containing thousands of words of all categories
  • Tailor your path to meet your goals: learning first words, talking with family, visiting a country, or expressing love

About Us

Hey! We're Kevin and Heidi. Kevin was learning Cantonese for years on his own, despite Heidi always being around. We thought there should be a way to involve her in the process.

So we started Coupling to help ourselves and other couples to make language learning a shared journey

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